Meet Your Dentist

Dr. Leo Choe, DMD

Dr. Leo Choe was born and raised in Buenos Aries, Argentina before moving to Los Angeles, California in his teen years. He graduated from University of California Santa Barbara and continued his education at Tufts University School of Dentistry in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dr. Choe comes from a family of dentists—his father practices in Seoul, South Korea, while his uncle practices in his hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina. However, neither pressured him towards dentistry. Instead, Dr. Choe’s decision to pursue dentistry came from his fascination and the opportunity to restore a patient’s dental health. Dr. Choe firmly believes that every patient should receive a high standard of care, just as though he was treating a family member.

During his time off, Dr. Choe adventures with his wife, Jess, and their Boston Terrier, Musci. Now living in Maine means there are new places to be seen and experiences to be had. If Dr. Choe is not spending time with his Jess and dog, he dedicates it to learning by taking courses and reading dental books.