Why Are My Teeth Sensitive To Cold?

Do you experience tooth pain when biting into your favorite ice cream? Or enjoying your favorite cold beverage? Unfortunately, millions of other people do as well, and most of the time-sensitive teeth are to blame. Tooth sensitivity to cold can be annoying, painful, uncomfortable, and can overall impact your daily life. Some home remedies for pain relief are available but uncovering the root cause of your sensitivity is the best way to combat this short and sharp pain. That is why our team of dental experts here at Waterville Family Dentistry has put together a list of reasons why this may be occurring and how to combat it.

Why Do My Teeth Hurt?

Over time your enamel, which is the protective layer of your teeth, wears down. This then exposes the inner part of your teeth. This part of the tooth is soft and filled with nerves, it is commonly referred to as dentin. So when your nerves are exposed, triggers like cold foods, ice, and anything else that may be chilled, irritate the nerves. This causes that harsh sharp pain in your teeth.

How Do I Manage Tooth Sensitivity to Colds?

We know that this pain is frustrating and can impact how you go about your daily life. So here are a few tips for dealing with cold sensitivity tooth pain, to help you rid the pain and live your best life.

Don’t Bite Into Ice Cream, Lick:

Thankfully you don’t have to give up your favorite frozen treats! However, instead of biting into that frozen cold ice cream or popsicle, lick it instead. This will avoid direct contact with the nerves in your teeth. Giving you the opportunity to forgo the pain and go into the treat! 

Use A Straw:

Whether you have teeth sensitivity or not, sipping on ice-cold drinks can be irritating and painful. So the next time you reach for an ice-cold glass of water, opt for a straw. This will allow the cold liquid to go right past your teeth, causing much less irritation. 

Breathe Through Your Nose:

If you are a mouth breather in the winter months, the sudden and sharp pain your teeth get when you step outside is because of the cold air. To combat this pain, keep your mouth closed, and breathe through your nose. Keeping your teeth covered and away from the cold will help eliminate that pain.

Use Teeth Sensitivity Toothpaste:

Thankfully now there are toothpastes that help eliminate and treat teeth sensitivity. You can find these at your local drugstore, supermarket, etc. These kinds of toothpaste contain ingredients that help relieve sensitivity and protect your teeth, helping you live comfortably.

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