Pediatric Dentistry

Waterville Family Dentistry offers dental care for all of your kid’s needs from infants to teens.

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Some Pediatric Dental Services Provided at Waterville Family Dentistry:

We provide specialized pediatric dentistry for children and adolescents in a very child-friendly environment. Our goal? A health smile that will last each child we treat a lifetime.

Comprehensive preventive and therapeutic oral dental care for infants, children and adolescents is a bit part of what we do here at Waterville Family Dentistry. We put all of our knowledge and experience to work for you and your family, caring for children’s teeth, gums and mouth throughout their lives.

As kids lose their baby teeth, then later begin to lose teeth again as adult teeth grow in, they need comprehensive care throughout this years-long process. We’ll monitor constantly to make sure they are healthy and we’ll jump in to ward off problems early before they become issues your kids will deal with for the rest of their lives, including oral decay and disease.

Whether infants, older children, or teenagers, your kids’ dental health is one of the most important gifts a parent has to offer their offspring. We help make the entire process easier on parents and kids.

From the moment you and our young patients step into our space in Waterville, you’ll know we care about you because we’re here to make you feel comfortable and satisfied with both the results and cost of your family dental health visit. For kids more than anyone, regular dental exams and preventative care are so important: let us help you take your kids’ dental health seriously.

What Our Patients Are Saying About Their Experience.

A Verified 5 Star Rating on Google

Under new leadership and great improvements. Dr Choe is great, quick, and does a great job explaining things.​
Jared B.
Dr. Choe and the rest of his team are friendly and knowledgeable. The service has been fantastic at all of my visits. I would highly recommend booking an appointment!
Katherine L.
I was very impressed with everyone at the office. They were so sweet and very welcoming! It’s always nice to go to a dentist where they care about your well being. I highly recommend Waterville Family Dentistry!
Salem H.
Dr.Choe was amazing! 10/10 would recommend! This office gives you many options in order for you to get your prime dental care, without making you feel pressured into anything. Dr. Choe goes makes sure you understand your own treatment plan, and treats you with genuine kindness. I felt at home here and would highly recommend! I will be coming back for further treatment & cleanings! Staff was kind as well, and collaborated to make my experience as smooth as possible.
Kelsey T.
I am 53, and I have experienced many dentists in my lifetime. I have hated all of my experiences, so this review is a BIG DEAL because I had to go to Dr. Choe to get 3 fillings done, and he fixed the problem very expediently and with empathy to my nervousness, and I left feeling extremely happy with his results! Dr. Choe is the best dentist I have ever had to see, and I am forlorn that it took so long in my life to actually have a pleasant experience.
Paul B.

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