Everything You Need To Know About Invisalign

Are you searching for a way to perfect your smile without the unappealing look of braces? Look no further! Invisalign is a perfect option for those looking to fix a crooked smile or a pesky out-of-place tooth. While traditional braces may be the standard option, to resolve these forms of dental problems, we now have treatment of Invisalign to use instead. Invisalign works just like braces but without metal brackets, as they are clear plastic retainers, making them practically invisible. If you want a straight, perfect smile without the self-consciousness that comes from regular braces but still have questions about the process, have no fear. The dental experts here at Waterville Family Dentistry have developed our guide to everything you need to know about Invisalign.

Our Expert Guide To Invisalign

The Timeline Varies Per Person:

While on average, the standard treatment time for Invisalign is approximately one year. However, it can take longer or, in some cases, shorter. It all depends on the overall state of your teeth, what needs to be done, and how much needs to be done. When you book your Invisalign appointment with Waterville Family Dentistry, we can give you an accurate timeline for your Invisalign journey.

You Need To Clean The Aligners:

our clear aligners need to be cleaned every day; just as your teeth get cleaned, the aligners must also be cleaned. A good rule of thumb is to clean them every time you clean your teeth. It is as simple as using your toothbrush and a little toothpaste.

Do Not Eat With The Aligners On:

You may recall that with metal braces, there are items you can and cannot eat. However, with Invisalign, you can eat whatever you choose as long as you remove the aligners! You will ruin the aligners if you decide to eat with them in. However, please drink water and clear liquids with them to ensure you are hydrated.

You Need To Keep The Aligners In All Day:

You must wear your Invisalign aligners for as long as possible daily during your treatment! This is the only way you will see fast and efficient results. If you wear your retainers sparingly, expect the process to take longer.

You May Have A Slight Lisp

In some cases, patients report having a slight lisp. This will go away as you wear your aligners more, and it is typically unnoticeable by others.

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