How Can I Tell If I Have a Cavity?

Did you know that according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention), about 30 percent of adults in America have untreated and undiagnosed cavities? When you have a diagnosed and untreated cavity, you are allowing your dental health to decrease drastically, as cavities pave the way for tooth decay and other severe problems down the line. As one of the most common dental problems in the world, the expert dental care team at Waterville Family Dentistry has come up with our top signs to help you determine the symptoms of a dental cavity to keep your dental hygiene at the top of its game.

What Is A Cavity?

A cavity is a widespread dental problem that is caused by a multitude of different reasons. Cavities are damaged areas on the surface of your teeth that, over time, develop into small holes and openings within your teeth. These holes are formed by food and bacteria buildup that turns into plaque. This plaque then erodes the surface of your tooth/teeth.

Do I Have A Cavity?

Common signs of cavities include but are not limited to the following:

You Are Beginning To Have Sensitivity To Hot And Cold Food & Drinks

A common sign that you have a cavity or the cavity is worsening is if you are starting to have tooth sensitivity when you eat hot and cold foods. Sensitivity to these elements is a standard indicator that something is wrong with your teeth below the surface. Cavities cause the enamel on your teeth to weaken, lessening the protection that once saved you from the uncomfortableness of hot and cold foods.

Sensitivity To Sweet Foods & Drinks

The sensitivity to sweets such as drinks and foods is very similar to the sensitivity you are experiencing with hot and cold foods, as it is caused by enamel damage. If you notice that when you are snacking on your favorite candy or sipping on your favorite soda, and there is discomfort, it is blessed to get it looked at.

Your Experiencing A Tooth Ache And Pain

Let’s face it: no one likes tooth pain; it’s uncomfortable and can also be a sign you have a cavity. Whether the pain is abrupt or just beginning, pain in the mouth is one of the most common symptoms of a cavity.

You Notice Stains On Your Teeth

Cavities are known for creating unwanted stains on the teeth. These stains may appear brown, black, or white. Typically, in the beginning stages of a cavity, the spots appear white, and as they worsen, the color shifts to a darker color.

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