What Do I Need To Know Before Getting Braces?

Are you looking for a cure for your overbite? Or your child’s teeth are coming in slightly crooked. No matter what dental or cosmetic issue you are trying to mend, you are among the millions of people worldwide who need or are currently wearing braces. Getting braces or any other form of dental service may seem nerve-wracking and daunting; however, getting braces is a seamless process that is effective and harmless. To help you learn more about getting braces and to know everything you need to know before you see the orthodontist, the expert dental care team at Waterville Family Dentistry has compiled a list of top braces and dental care tips.

5 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Braces:

It Will Be Uncomfortable

Chances are, besides a gummy candy or gum, you have never had anything stuck to your teeth. When you get braces, two rocks of brackets are adhered directly to your teeth; this may be uncomfortable to get used to. However, no need to worry; in little to no time, your teeth and mouth will adjust to the brackets, and you won’t even know they are there!

The Application May Hurt

While applying the brackets for your braces does not feel amazing, it doesn’t necessarily hurt either. Getting braces is a rather long and drawn-out process lasting up to two hours. During this time, you will feel pain and slight discomfort. Before and after your appointment, it is essential to take a pain reliever to reduce the potential discomfort.

Food Will Get Stuck

Food, in general, gets stuck in our teeth day to day. However, when you get braces, food will naturally get logged and stuck in and around your teeth and within the brackets. To solve this problem, carrying a small travel-sized toothbrush and flosser is best to remove any unwanted food.

Utilize Wax

Place orthodontic wax onto your brackets if you feel discomfort within your gums and lips. This wax is a lifesaver in the first few months, protecting your lips and mouth from uncomfortable rubbing or cuts from the brackets.

It Is All Worth It

Whether you encounter slight pain, discomfort, or none, all of it, and the time will be worth it in the end! There is nothing compared to the feeling of removing your braces and revealing your stunning new straight smile!

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