Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Dental Hygiene

Everyone knows the importance of establishing excellent oral hygiene right from the start! While regularly scheduled dental appointments for your child or children are extremely important, good habits also start at home. Establishing your children with the tools and resources they need to keep their mouths healthy and clean is vital to their success. While you may think you need to be a dental professional to teach kids about proper oral hygiene, you do not! Whether you are a parent, educator, or community volunteer, you can help guide your children or a child on how to care for their teeth properly. In order to help you do so, the dental experts at Waterville Family Dentistry have compiled a list of our top tips that are fun and engaging to make teaching easy and learning fun.

How To Teach Children To Practice Top Oral Hygiene

Use Legos

All children, no matter age or gender, have seen or played with Legos. They also make for great ways to teach children how to floss! To make this extra educational, place a dough-like consistency on the base of the lego and have the child use dental floss to remove it. This emulates the removal of plaque from the teeth, showing them how to remove it properly and efficiently.

Use A Chart

When it comes to teaching children about dental hygiene and the proper way to use dental tools, there is no better way to ensure they are doing all the necessary things than by using a chart. A checklist chart set up with stickers to place when one item is completed is a great way to hold you and your child accountable.

Hang Up Dental Photos In The Bathroom

Create oral health posters with or without your child or children and hang them in applicable areas within your home. You can have them explain to you what is happening within the visual, in turn educating them.

Use Songs

Music, hymns, or tunes are all fantastic and fun ways to engage children in their learning. Whether singing a song to remember how long you need to brush your teeth or having their favorite short clip/ tune on while they rinse with mouthwash. These are great ways to connect positive vibes to oral hygiene.

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