Complete and Partial Denture Services in Waterville, ME

Dentures replace missing or rotted teeth, restoring your overall oral health and smile! Essentially dentures are crafted prosthetic teeth that are perfectly constructed to fit the needs of your smile. Dentures are supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissues of your mouth, allowing a comfortable fit. Here at Waterville Family Dentistry we are proud to be expert denture providers, as we truly believe that this service gives our patients a beautiful and fresh start.

 If you are interested in getting dentures or have questions about the installation process, please give us a call today, we would be happy to discuss dentures and any of our other services with you.



How Long Does It Take To Get Dentures?

A conventional set of complete dentures are created and put in place after the problem teeth are removed and the gums have begun the healing process. These will be placed in the mouth 8-12 weeks after the teeth are extracted.

Partial dentures are removable and also known as a bridge. They usually involve the replacement of teeth and are attached to a plastic base made to appear gum-like. Connected by a specially constructed metal framework, well-made dentures stay firmly in the mouth and takes much less time to complete as a process than complete dentures.

What You Need To Know About Dentures:

      • Dental implants and bridges may be used instead of dentures.
      • Dental implants and bridges may be used to support partial dentures.
      • Many dental insurance companies cover dentures. We can work with you to find out about your specific situation.
      • New dentures will take a few weeks to be completely comfortable and fitted in your mouth.
      • The goal is for your dentures to look the same as your natural teeth, often even better.
      • Eating with new dentures can be a learning experience, but you and your mouth will adjust to your new dentures quickly.
      • Dentures may affect speech and pronunciation, but with time this will fade.
      • Most dentures are worn nearly all the time at first, then less over time as your mouth and gums adjust.


The development of highly customized dentures takes multiple appointments and usually weeks, if not more, to complete the restoration process. Once your Waterville dentist has created a treatment plan, our professional and skilled dental health professionals get to work on your Total Smile Makeover!

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Under new leadership and great improvements. Dr Choe is great, quick, and does a great job explaining things.​
Jared B.
Dr. Choe and the rest of his team are friendly and knowledgeable. The service has been fantastic at all of my visits. I would highly recommend booking an appointment!
Katherine L.
I was very impressed with everyone at the office. They were so sweet and very welcoming! It’s always nice to go to a dentist where they care about your well being. I highly recommend Waterville Family Dentistry!
Salem H.
Dr.Choe was amazing! 10/10 would recommend! This office gives you many options in order for you to get your prime dental care, without making you feel pressured into anything. Dr. Choe goes makes sure you understand your own treatment plan, and treats you with genuine kindness. I felt at home here and would highly recommend! I will be coming back for further treatment & cleanings! Staff was kind as well, and collaborated to make my experience as smooth as possible.
Kelsey T.
I am 53, and I have experienced many dentists in my lifetime. I have hated all of my experiences, so this review is a BIG DEAL because I had to go to Dr. Choe to get 3 fillings done, and he fixed the problem very expediently and with empathy to my nervousness, and I left feeling extremely happy with his results! Dr. Choe is the best dentist I have ever had to see, and I am forlorn that it took so long in my life to actually have a pleasant experience.
Paul B.

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