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Dental Anxiety & Fear | Patient Care Our Priority | Waterville Maine & Beyond


By Waterville Family Dentistry

Are any of these common dental fears holding you back from visiting the dentist?

We know that for some of our clients here at Waterville Family Dentistry, visiting the dentist is a cause for concern…at the least. We understand.

We understand and do our best daily to address these fears and other anxieties our dental patients might be dealing with. We care about your dental health, but your overall health, too, and anxiety won’t help that at all! We offer conscious sedation with nitrous and/or oral anesthetics.

Did you know 36% of the general population are affected by dental anxiety and another 12% suffer from extreme dental fear? Wherever you are on this spectrum, don’t feel bad in the least! You aren’t the first, nor will you be the last, to be freaked out by visiting the dentist–especially if you’ve been putting it off for too long. Making sure that anxiety disappears once you’re with us is so important to us and we hope that shows!

“Dental Anxiety Be Gone! Our Goal: You Happy & Healthy

The Top 4 Questions Patients Have That Keep Them From  Visiting The Dentist:

What If I Don’t Have Dental Insurance?

We’re here to help make your treatment with us affordable. No insurance? It’s okay, we can help and are here for you down to dotting the last ‘i” and crossing the last “t.” We also offer customized financing because we want to solve your dental problems, not hand you new life problems.

I’m Embarrassed…Will The Dentist Judge Me?

Our office is a judgement free zone! Walk in with your head held high! We know long-postponed dental issues can make all of us feel, well, not the best. But, when you and yours walk in our doors, we will make sure you feel like the most important and beautiful person in the room–which you are!

What If My Teeth Don’t Hurt and Don’t Have Any Obvious Dental Issues? 

Don’t you think you need to go to the dentist? Nothing feels wrong, nothing hurts. You should still come every six months for a cleaning and to keep you pain-free! Whether you know the symptoms or not, we can prevent major problems down the road.

What If I Forgot My Dental Appointment? 

We understand that coming to the dentist is the last thing many want to think about, even after you’ve made the appointment. For this reason, we will make sure your experience is correctly scheduled, and give you non-intrusive reminders to make sure your teeth get all the love they need!

Your first visit won’t be your last.

We look forward to having you join our family here at Waterville Family Dentistry!