Family Dental Care in Clinton, ME

Clinton, ME is a town located within the historic county of Kenebec, as is surrounded by neighboring cities such as Oakland, Hartland, and Pittsfield. The town of Clinton got its name in honor of New York Governor, DeWitt Clinton. Clinton offers its almost 4,000 residents with great public schools and a suburban/rural feel. Waterville Family Dentistry is truly proud to call the close by town of Waterville, Maine our home base, allowing us to serve the wonderful residents of Clinton. If you are located in Clinton, ME, or the surrounding area and are in search of dental care for you and your family, reach out to us today! We would be happy to set up a regularly scheduled cleaning or any of our other top-of-the-line services with you!

Pediatric Dentistry in Clinton, ME

No matter what age you are, proper dental hygiene and practice is a must! From the youngest of clients all the way up to our oldest, Waterville Family Dentistry is proud to offer top-of-the-line dental care for all of your kid’s and teens needs! Starting off a healthy smile starts from the beginning that is why our expert dental practice offers even our youngest’s of guests a friendly and fun dental atmosphere! This ensures that they will want to practice good dental  hygiene every time! We pride ourselves in making the dentist an experience that is safe, enjoyable and positive, that is why from the moment you and your child walk in to Waterville Family Dentistry we make sure you and your child will be satisfied with the results and cost. To ensure your child’s teeth, gums and overall mouth is looking and feeling its best, contact us today.

Emergency Dentistry in Clinton, ME

Dental emergencies are extremely painful, uncomfortable and can put your life in disfunction. That is why Waterville Family Dentistry offers our emergency dental services from children to adults to ensure that your teeth are pain free. When you encounter teeth pain sensitivity, swelling, sharp pains, etc. contact us today, our highly skilled team of dentists and dental hygienist are here to lessen the pain and get your smile back to shining again!  Dental emergencies can become increasingly more painful and harder to treat, especially left untreated, so if you are experiencing any type of pain give us a call today!

General Dentistry Services in Clinton, ME

We pride ourselves on being a family-first dental practice, offering all of our clients the best of the best in terms of dental care. Here at Waterville Family Dentistry we are a space where highly knowledgeable dental practitioners are fully committed to providing the residents of Clinton, ME with quality and cost efficient general dental care. With our services we guarantee you will leave with a healthier and brighter smile! From regularly scheduled dental checkups all the way to emergency dentistry, fillings, chipped teeth, root canals, etc. we can assist you through it all! If you are looking for a dentist to visit that is close to Oakland, contact us today, to schedule an appointment!

Contact Waterville Family Dentistry in Clinton, ME Today!

If you are located in Clinton, ME or the surrounding area and are in search of a dental practice or have any additional questions about your dental health, please call us here at Waterville Family Dentistry directly at 207-873-1311. Our expert dentists have a specialty in general, cosmetic, restorative, and emergency dentistry services, and would be happy to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you create the smile of your dreams soon!