Family Dental Care in Winthrop, ME

Located in Kennebec County is the bustling and beautiful summer town of Winthrop. Winthrop offers its residents and visitors a variety of indoor and outdoor activities including 11 bodies or water, excellent for swimming, boating, paddling and fishing! Nonetheless Winthrop also offers skiing, orchards, as well as several pubs and restaurants. Waterville Family Dentistry is truly proud to call the neighboring town of Waterville, Maine our home base. If you are located in Winthrop, ME, or the surrounding area and are in search of dental care for you and your family, reach out to us today, we look forward to assisting you soon.

Pediatric Dentistry in Winthrop, ME

Pediatric dentistry is one of our specialty practices here at Waterville Family Dentistry. Many of our highly trained and valuable dentists and dental hygienists are very knowledgeable in all things pediatric and family dental work. When your child begins teething we recommend that you bring them into our family & child friendly office. This allows us to to work with you and your family to make sure your child’s teeth, gums, and mouths look and feel their best all throughout their lives. If you are located in Winthrop, ME or the surrounding area and are in search of a dental practice for you and your family, contact us today!

Emergency Dentistry in Winthrop, ME

Are you experiencing tooth pain, aches, discomfort, or have chipped/injured a tooth or teeth? If so, you are experiencing a dental emergency. Here at Waterville Family Dentistry we understand that dental issues, problems, and pain points come at our clients in a variety of ways. Which is why we provide your with emergency dental visits, these appointments allow us to help you lessen your tooth pain and solve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you are currently experiencing severe pain, a swollen jaw, uncontrollable bleeding, infection, loose teeth, a missing filling, etc. please call us immediately. Dental emergencies can become increasingly more significant over time. Let the expert team at Waterville Family dentistry lessen and ease your pain today! 

General Dentist in Winthrop, ME

Waterville Family Dentistry is proud to have a family-first top-of-the-line dentistry practice. Waterville Family Dentistry is proud to offer a space where our talented & knowledgeable dentists and dental hygienists can provide general dental services to the residents of Winthrop, ME. Our team cares deeply about each and every one of our patients, and we are happy to assist you with everything from dental checkups, emergency dentistry, and tooth cleaning/extraction, to oral cancer screenings, root canals, and complete smile makeovers. If you are in search of a trust dental team to schedule a routine general dental appointment, contact our team today!

Contact Waterville Family Dentistry In Winthrop, ME Today!

If you are located near Winthrop, ME of the surrounding area and are in search of a dental practice or have any additional questions about your dental health, please call us directly at 207-873-1311. Our expert dentists have a specialty in general, cosmetic, restorative, and emergency dentistry services, and would be happy to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you create the smile of your dreams soon!